Brunch with Purpose.

It’s been said that “Brunch is always a good idea.” and as someone who enjoys a good brunch, I’ll definitely raise a glass of mimosa to that. I’ve been to many a brunch- from Friday brunch at the Promenade in Dubai, to unlimited food and drinks at Tosca Café in the Bronx, Sequoia and Busboys and Poets in D.C and the ever-lively Angel of Harlem in NYC. While I’d recommend a good number of locations for brunch, either it be for the food, music and crowd, I’d say that most brunches are typically the same; the late breakfast scene, where you’re served run of the mill breakfast choices, “watered” down mimosas and rum punches- at marked up prices, while struggling to hear what your table mates are saying. After the 2 or 2.5 hrs of picking at your food, waiting for your waiter to top up your drinks, and paying a $30-$40 bill, you’re sometimes left wondering if it was worth it.

Mexican-inspired brunch selection

Mexican-inspired brunch selection

Jake  , co-founder of The Creators Social, next to  Aisha,  who loves creating delicious food to bring people together.

Jake , co-founder of The Creators Social, next to Aisha, who loves creating delicious food to bring people together.

However, I recently went to a brunch hosted by The Creators Social that didn’t leave me wondering if I should have just stayed home, cooked for myself and saved money. This event is part of an “intimate brunch” series designed to inspire connections between like-minded people in the community. We were hosted by one of the founding members of The Creators Social, Jake, a creative who’s created a nonprofit tech startup among other things, with a mission “to empower people with the tools they need to make the world a happier place.” Over a Mexican- inspired selection of dishes (all freshly prepared by one of the attendees, Aisha)- chilaquiles, arroz con pollo and a taco station, among other dishes, myself and the other nine attendees shared a bit about what we did and what our passions are.


Around the room were photographers, storytellers, theatre grant writers, illustrators, filmmakers and podcast hosts, all in different stages of career and passions. For most of us, there was a realization that our day-to-day jobs didn’t necessarily translate into what we are truly passionate about. Take one of the creatives in attendance, Harris, who works in finance for a large cable company, but is passionate about combining travel and fitness. There was also Jerry, who has worn a variety of work hats, including being an au pair and tour guide while living in France but is a musician and podcast creator that shares adventure stories of men of color. Funny enough, Jerry had reached out to me via Instagram to interview me for his podcast, Pointnoir. During the interview, I mentioned the brunch and it just so happened that he would be visiting NYC that weekend, so he took the opportunity to spend an afternoon with other like-minded folks, to share, learn and network.

Jerry,  the creator of the  Pointnoir  podcast.

Jerry, the creator of the Pointnoir podcast.

Hearing each other's stories- the steps that we have taken or will take to turn what we are passionate about into viable and sustainable livelihoods was definitely inspiring and a needed reminder that there are other creative individuals not only working through the same challenges but also finding success in what they are passionate about creating.


Now I’m not saying don’t enjoy the occasional brunch out with friends or colleagues, but if you find the opportunity to attend one that presents networking and learning opportunities, I say give it a go. You never know how that conversation over a home cooked meal, surrounded by people seeking similar things, might clarify your purpose and motivate you to take the next step in your creative journey. Here’s to meaningful brunches and connections.


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My interview on the show is available on all podcast platforms and I’ve included links to a few of them below. Happy listening!