London to Paris, under $50!

London to Paris, on a budget! 

Image by,  Myles .

Image by, Myles.

Hey there fellow traveler. So you’re looking to head to Paris from London, or vice versa while saving some coins on transportation? Fantastique! You’ve come to the right place. 


On my most recent trip to Paris from London, I decided to try a longer, but more cost-effective method of traveling between the cities.  I’ve bounced between both cities multiple times, either by flying or Eurostar, but those options range around $100USD -$250USD, if not more depending on the class of travel. For those that have some time to spare, consider using a bus service, similar to that of Megabus or Boltbus. Some popular options are Eurolines, Flixbus and the one I used, Ouibus. Take a look below at a sample itinerary, comparing travel by land, air, and rail.  Depending on your budget, and length of travel, you’ll be sure to find the best transportation option for you! Happy traveling.
P.S You'll have officially crossed the English Channel, (the body of water that seperates Southern England from Northern France)  if you take the land option. :) 

Sample itineraries for round-trip travel between London and Paris. 

Sample dates: 5 June to 11 June


OuiBus. Total round-trip price, 34Euro ($39-40USD) Bags included (1 handbag, two pieces of luggage) 

Travel time to Paris 7hrs and 15minutes 

10:00: Departure from London-Victoria Coach Station

16:15: Arrive at Paris- Gare Bercy (few minutes walk to the metro)


10:00: - Departure from Paris-Gare Bercy

18:15: - Arrive at London-Victoria Coach Station 



Vueling: Total round trip, 86 Euro (about $100USD) Price will increase depending on luggage, as this is a low-cost airline and they will charge you, even for your regular carry on suitcase. Check on this site for better pricing details.  

Travel time: 1hr, 15mins

07:50: Depart from Gatwick(LGW)  

10:05: Arrive at Charles De Gaulle (CDG)


20:05: Depart from CDG

20:15: LGW (Remember, you’re going back an hour) 


EuroStar: Total round trip cost, 189Euro ($220 USD) Bags included Bags included (1 handbag, two pieces of luggage) 

Travel time 2hrs, 23mins

10:24: Depart St. Pancras Rail Station

13:47: Arrive at Gare du Nord


15:13: Depart from Gare du Nord

16:40: Arrive at St. Pancras Rail Station 

Image by,  Myles .

Image by, Myles.